Learing to Photoshop for free

Welcome at the course Learning to Photoshop for free.

Learning to Photoshop for free is a winterproject that runs from October up until including April. There will be an instruction or movie lesson placed every day by me (Olaf Bok) on my personal YouTube channel. These assignments are clearly explained how Photoshop works. The explanation is given in an easy and fun way.

In these lessons will be explained clearly how photoshop works. You can always contact me by e-mail, chat, Facebook, or even by TeamViewer.

With this program you can give me, after your approval off course, permission to guide you while you are working on your computer with Photoshop.

You can ask me questions, if by any change you do not know how to continue and I can show you on the go how to. I am also ready, after an appointment, to guide you through the programduring the summer, but again, only after an appointment. I will advice you to start at the first lesson. Because every step is explained in sequence. There is a change that if you do not do this, you might miss important steps.

Why am I doing this for free? Well, just because I like to share my knowledge with you all. I want to wish good luck and joy with this course!

Recent assignments

Woman walks relax on the beach - Les 3

Lady hides behind the pillar - Les 93

Woman walks through the woods in the fog - Les 94

Rusted boat on drought - Les 95

Child home shoe - Les 97

Boat in storm sea - Les 100